Santiago Canyon College, Division of Continuing Education - New Student Orientation
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Montage of screen captures from new student orientation program


The orientation contains several topics, some of which are dynamically assigned based on the programs you are enrolled in. Use the check boxes below to tell us which programs you are enrolled in so we can appropriately configure the orientation for you.

  GED Preparation Career Technnical Education
  Adult Basic Education (ABE) Persons with Substantial Disabilities
  Adult High School Diploma Older Adult Courses
  English as a Second Language (ESL) Parenting Education
  Citizenship Health and Safety Education


Which version of the online orientation would you like to complete?

The accessible version is for the visually impaired. It features a built-in screen reader, so turn off any screen-reading applications before clicking the Accessible button.

NOTE TO TABLET USERS: The orientation program is built using Flash, but this won't prevent you from using your tablet to view the presentation. You can visit either Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS) and download a cloud-based browser; such as Puffin. This browser is free and will allow you to access any Flash-based web content on your mobile device.

How to navigate the online program:

Choose and complete each program segment from the Main Menu. A check mark will identify which segments you have completed.

Example Main Menu Screen

Videos are placed throughout the orientation. Standard play, pause, and stop buttons control video playback. Press the stop button at any time to rewind the video to the beginning, then the play button to start playback.

Example Video Screen

You will encounter Checks on Learning embedded within each segment. You must answer these questions correctly in order to be given credit for completing the segment. Answer the question incorrectly and you will have to view the segment again.

Example Check on Learning Screen

Some screens provide additional content by clicking on highlighted text. You are encouraged to click each item and view all the content.

Example Click to Reveal Screen

Use the screen navigation to move your way through each segment. There are Back and Next buttons, a button to return to the Main Menu, and one to check your Progress.

Example of Screen Navigation

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